How Dental Crowns Strengthen Damaged Teeth
By George Mui, DDS, Ltd. Gentle Dental Care
July 19, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental crowns  

Dental CrownsJust as you put on a heavy coat in the wintertime to protect yourself from the elements, a crown protects a vulnerable tooth. In fact, crowns were commonly known as jackets when they were first used in the late 1800's. Dr. George Mui, your dentist in Mount Prospect, IL, routinely uses crowns at Gentle Dental Care. He discusses their benefits and how they're used in this post.

What is a crown?

The topmost portion of each of your teeth - the part you can see above the gum line - is called the crown. The restoration of the same name looks like a natural tooth, but is made from porcelain, gold, or some other metal, and are hollow in the middle. If a natural tooth has damage that can't be fixed with a filling, your Mount Prospect dentist will file it down into a peg shape. The replacement crown will then be cemented on top of the damaged tooth to keep the tooth protected from any further breakage or decay. With a crown in place, you'll also be able to chew and talk normally.

What can a crown do for me?

Crowns not only replicate the look and function of a natural tooth, they also help maintain your dental hygiene! That's because keeping your roots in place is extremely important to the way the rest of your teeth function. When a tooth is extracted, or pulled, the natural balance of your smile is thrown off. The teeth on either side of the empty space will begin to shift in an attempt to "locate" the missing tooth and fill in the gap. This can lead to further tooth loss and deterioration of the jawbone. But with a crown from Dr. Mui, your Mount Prospect dentist, the roots of your natural tooth stay where they are and your teeth don't know the difference!

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