Root Canals Restore Your Decayed Teeth
By By George Mui, DDS, Ltd. Gentle Dental Care
November 09, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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What your dentist in Mount Prospect, IL wants you to know.

If you have a badly decayed tooth, you may think your only option is to have the tooth removed. But then you are faced with living with a wide open space in your smile. You could replace your tooth with an implant or a dental bridge, but that could get expensive. Why not fix your badly decayed tooth with a root canal? That’s right, now you can fix your tooth and keep it intact, a vital part of your smile. Dr. George Mui at Gentle Dental Care in Mount Prospect, IL wants to share with you how root canals can restore your decayed teeth.

Root canals are helpful in many cases if your tooth is severely decayed or traumatized and broken. Severe, throbbing tooth pain is often an indicator you may need a root canal, but sometimes pain is completely absent. A tooth can die totally on its own, when the inside of your tooth, an area called the pulp, hardens and closes. This process is called sclerosis. You may notice your tooth darkening if this happens.

The first step is to visit your dentist in Mount Prospect for a thorough dental examination, including x-rays. Dr. Mui will do some vitality tests and take some x-rays of the roots of your teeth to determine if you need a root canal.

If you do need a root canal, Dr. Mui will make a small opening in the top of your tooth, and remove the diseased tissue using small instruments called files. He may place a sedative filling inside your tooth to help it heal and to reduce your symptoms. After a healing period, your tooth will be reopened and further shaped. Dr. Mui will place an inert, rubbery material inside your tooth and fill the opening with a permanent metal filling. Your appointment will require between 1 and 3 appointments depending on the severity of infection in your tooth.

When you choose a root canal, your decayed tooth can be restored and you can keep your tooth as an important part of your smile. You deserve to have a pain-free smile, and choosing a root canal can help. Call Dr. George Mui at Gentle Dental Care in Mount Prospect, IL for more information on root canal therapy. Call today and restore your smile!