What Is an Implant Restoration?
By George Mui, DDS, Ltd. Gentle Dental Care
May 27, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Looking for a permanent solution to your tooth loss? At Gentle Dental Care in Mount Prospect, IL, dental implant restoration is a specialty of Dr. George Mui. Stable, strong, and attractive, his dental implants look like real teeth, and they function that way, too. Interested? Read on to learn more.

A smile gap

You have to fix it because when you lose a tooth you lose oral function, clear speech, and smile aesthetics. Plus, your facial structure degrades as the bone around the empty socket shrinks in size. The more extensive the tooth loss is, the more your face ages.

Dr. George Mui fixes smile gaps

At Gentle Dental Care in Mount Prospect, IL, Dr. Mui's dental implant restorations recreate what Nature originally gave you. Dental implants are complete teeth--from roots to crown.

During a simple oral surgery, your dentist inserts a titanium screw into your jaw bone. The bone cells immediately begin to adhere to the implant. This is called osseointegration. This gradual process anchors the artificial root in place, allowing it to accept a post and crown after the site is fully healed.

Dr. Mui determines if your situation warrants dental implant placement. You need:

  • Good systemic health
  • Consistent oral hygiene habits (brushing, flossing and six-month exams and cleanings at your dental office)
  • Sufficient bone in your jaw to accept the implant (this is determined by three-dimensional X-ray imaging)
  • A tobacco-free lifestyle (see your doctor about a supervised smoking cessation program)

Even if you have lost all your teeth...

You still may be able to receive dental implants. Dental Economics reports that there are 35 million Americans who are edentulous. That means they have no teeth and must seek out the best possible replacement solution.

Conventional dentures often present day to day problems of slippage and speech impairment. However, complete dentures supported and anchored by multiple dental implants give patients a permanent retention solution. Biting and chewing are exceptionally stable, and the implants improve bone quality and facial appearance. With good care, implant-supported dentures last indefinitely.

Find out more about implant restorations

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