What is Dental Implant Restoration?
By George Mui, DDS, Ltd. Gentle Dental Care
November 18, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

How your dentist in Mount Prospect, IL, can restore your dental implant

Are you worried about your dental implants breaking? The truth is, dental implant problems are rare, but when they do occur, your dentist, Dental-ImplantDr. George Mui, is here to help. Here at Gentle Dental Care in Mount Prospect, IL, Dr. Mui offers a full range of dental implant services including restoration if the implant becomes damaged.


More about Dental Implant Restoration

A dental implant has three parts, the first of which is the dental implant screw—the part that is embedded in your jaw. This crew functions as the “root” of your missing tooth. Although problematic circumstances are rare, the implant area may fail to heal completely because of uncontrolled diabetes, tobacco use, or other issues. Treatment for dental implant failures of this type is s simple reinsertion procedure.

The second part is the abutment, which attaches the crown to the dental implant screw. The last part of the dental implant is the dental implant crown, which is placed after the dental implant area has healed completely. Dental implant crowns can break, especially if you grind/clench your teeth. You can prevent breakage from this habit by wearing a custom-made nightguard while you sleep.

If your dental implant screw breaks, don’t worry! Just contact Dr. Mui as soon as you can. He can place a wider, more supportive screw to restore the use of your dental implant. If you break your implant crown, it can also be replaced in order to restore the beauty and stability of your smile.


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If your dental implant breaks, don’t visit just anyone—seek out the services of an expert implant dentist. Call Dr. George Mui of Gentle Dental Care in Mount Prospect, IL, today at (847) 253-5901 to get your smile back!