Your Denture Options
By George Mui, DDS, Ltd. Gentle Dental Care
May 24, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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Dentures are a sure way to complete a smile after tooth loss. Restoring oral function and youthful facial contours, both full and complete Denturesdentures from Dr. George Mui in Mount Prospect, IL, give patients a sense of confidence, too. If you need tooth replacement, let the team at Gentle Dental Care show you the great options you have.

What is a denture?

It's an oral appliance which replaces missing teeth and recreates lost gum and bone tissue, too. Customized according to oral impressions, digital imaging, and other sophisticated measurements, a denture may be placed right after tooth extraction or be delayed until healing of gums and jaw are complete. Either way, the patient experiences a rejuvenated look and normalized speech, biting, and chewing.

Denture options

Dr. Mui offers many kinds of dentures at Gentle Dental Care in Mount Prospect. Your choice depends on how many teeth must be replaced, your gum tissue, jaw bone structure and a variety of other factors. Additionally, denture fit is highly individualized. So when you begin the denture process, expect to visit Dr. Mui several times for fittings and adjustments for optimal appliance function.

Here are the kinds of dentures Dr. Mui offers:

1. Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth. Fully removable, they are comprised of acrylic pontics, or artificial teeth, which are mounted on a metal frame. Preferably, the frame anchors to remaining natural teeth via precision attachments which are not visible as the patient smiles. However, some people elect traditional metal clasps as a more affordable alternative.

2. Complete dentures replace a whole arch of teeth--top or bottom. They may be implant-supported or in the removable version, stay in place with the natural suction provided by the gums and jaw bone.

Conventional complete dentures are placed after extraction sites heal completely. Immediate complete dentures are placed right after extractions and help speed the healing process. They allow the patient to leave Gentle Dental Care with a complete smile. However, as gums and bone shrink, immediate dentures must be relined for proper fit.

Dentures and you

The Consumer Research Council of America has named Dr. Mui one of America's Top Dentists for many years. His skill and artistry in creating and maintaining prosthetics will help you achieve your best possible smile. If dentures are in your future, come to Gentle Dental Care to learn about your options. Call today for a consultation in Mount Prospect, IL: (847) 253-5901.